Friday, September 11, 2009

Shizuka ( 静香 ) - Heavenly Persona (1994)

| Psychedelic Rock | Noise Rock |

Heavenly Persona is the debut album by the japanese psychedelic-noise rock band Shizuka. (for other albums, check out here.) It's a little more melancholic than the others, and a little less noisy, but it's a great album still. The songs sound little by little built with a crystal melody, instead of a raging noise improvisation. We still have enough noise on this, though, which makes this record pretty cool. Sadness is everywhere around, and sometimes it explodes on furious guitars, giving this album a huge emotional appeal.

The first track "Ten" might be the noisier and faster from this CD, though it doesn't sound as a full song, working just as a opening to the rest of the album. "Pandora's Box" is the finest on the whole album. A very melancholic piece, with glassy guitars and desolate vocals. It has a cold piano at the end, which makes this even more stunning. "Measuring loneliness" is another great song, and though it drags out a little during itself, it gets pretty impressive at the end, when Shizuka's vocals increases and Maki delivers a powerful mind-blowing guitar attack. "Crystal Wings" sounds exactly how the name suggests, and has a very very very cool Cello. "6g Star" has a nice melody and a beautiful Bass line, and grows aggressively throughout its way, though it doesn't explode at it's end, what is a little disappointing.

Catalog: PSFD-52 (P.S.F. Records)